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7 things parents must watch out for when children "start school"

[Obrazek: aHR0cHM6Ly9zLmlzYW5vb2suY29tL3dvLzAvdWQv...IuanBn.jpg]

During the semester Is a period of children Will stay away from the eyes of parents or guardians Although the school has teachers to take care of But may not be able to provide thorough care Often causing children to get into situations that are bad examples Emergency situation Or risky situations in life That may end in loss, so adults should be careful. 7. This is a lot when children have to go to school.
1. Beware of wet rain
The beginning of the semester is exactly the same as the rainy season. As is known that being wet can cause illness. Especially for kindergarteners under 6 because they have less immunity than adults. Therefore being a sick age when Must encounter germs The most common illnesses are Respiratory diseases such as flu, flu. Therefore, should prepare rainproof equipment for children and teach how to use, such as wearing a raincoat. Including being careful not to let the children come out to play in the rain as well
2. Be careful of late
When the school is open at the same time, it already has enough traffic. If it rains too, there is a chance to encounter flooding the surface of the traffic making it more difficult to travel. And still have a chance to encounter an accident on the way Risk going to send their children to school later than the school time And the parents also go to work too, so should spare some time for traveling More importantly, being unaware of the time It may be cultivating children to not be able to save time.
3. Be careful of food.
The rainy season will have the right humidity and warm temperature. Is an environment that is conducive to the growth of microbes Therefore there is a high chance that children will eat food contaminated with germs And the food at the school is not clean Causing the risk of food poisoning Including certain foods that children are allergic to Therefore, parents should teach children. Know your food allergies. In order for the children to avoid those foods Including teaching children Maintain personal hygiene. Wash hands before eating And after doing personal errands in the bathroom If good, teach children how to choose food. Should not eat unclean food, unripe food, street food, etc.
4. Beware of communicable diseases
At school, many children have to live together. There are children whose illnesses are not known. Communicable diseases such as colds, dengue fever, red eyes, hands, feet, mouth, head lice, etc. Also, the COVID-19 has not yet ended the outbreak. Parents must be careful that children will get back from school. Should teach and train children to wear a mask at all times at school or on a student bus Teach children to wash their hands frequently and prepare children's belongings so they don't have to share items with others.
5. Beware of strangers
Often we hear of the abduction of children. Especially around the school, which when taking the children away Most of these children will be sold to labor. Or take to sexual abuse, so parents and guardians And the teacher must help monitor suspicious people around the school and the way home of children, teaching children to ask for help when there is an emergency Do not trust strangers Don't go anywhere with strangers. And don't accept food from strangers
6. Be careful of accidents
Children tend to play naughty as they age, may climb and pretend to put toys into their mouths. Duck to play in the recess in the recess Put a hand into a rotating machine, including crossing the road without adults. Which, if the adult is careless Not taking good care of the child will cause the child to have an accident, physical injury, disability or the most serious is death. Therefore, adults should keep an eye on the children closely. Especially children who tend to play naughty than other children And parents should also teach their children not to play or do dangerous things
7. Be careful to leave the child in the car.
Is the most careful thing Because of the data from the Office of Non-communicable Diseases, Department of Disease Control, who used to collect statistics during 2014-2018, including a period of 5 years, there are as many as 106 events that have been forgotten in the car. In this case, there are 5 children died, all of which were Forgot to leave on the car for more than 6 hours, especially the car parked in the sun.

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